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No matter what condition our condition is in, we work very hard to see that the boat is shipshape before we go to bed. Dingy on deck or in the davits, cabin cleaned up, engine room clear and engine ready to run, etc.

It paid off last night. High pressure over Todos Santos, on the Pacific side of Baja, leaked over the lowlands through La Paz, blowing north into south-facing Bahia San Gabriel, where we were anchored. This is called a “Coromuel,” apparently after Admiral Cromwell (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coromuel). After we finished watching “Oceans 12,” we meer-catted out the companionway and found ourselves being blown onshore by 15-20 knot winds. Earlier, our anchor had been hard to set, dragging over 100 feet before catching, so we weren’t that excited about staying up all night to see if we would be blown onto the beach.

Our neighbors, including a Mexican Navy boat, were making the same discovery and decision. In 15 minutes we were underway, making for a harbor two hours south with some protection from south winds.


Morning found us well-rested and comfortable in Puerto Balladra, on the La Paz peninsula. We expected to see the Ryan Ovenell family, but they weren’t there.


A local traveler greeted us at breakfast, slapping the hull repeatedly.


Like us, she summers in Puget Sound and winters in Mexico. We discussed the election and she shared her dismay at Seattle’s over-influence in the state’s operation.


Then she asked the mermaid to go swimming with her. Apparently a notice had been received. GoPro video to follow, if we can figure out the bandwidth issue.