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We’re safely anchored in the lee of Bahia Bonanza north of La Paz, sitting tight for the first big “Norther” event of the Sea this season. 20 kts. Winds for the next week or so are forecast.

Yesterday, Christmas Eve, we dingy and hiked in to a natural salt settling pond and found ourselves in a winter wonderland.


The snow flurries were light, but were drifting into impressive piles against the lee shore.


We looked for our tuques and snow shovels, but found ourselves un-armed against the storm.


Luckily, it was sea-foam: carrageenan and other algae proteins stirred to a froth by the gusting winds.


Looking closer, we found a moving carpet of potential disaster.


We don’t know what they are, but they almost certainly have teeth. So we ran away.


The upwelling cold water is changing the animals we see. The anchorage is full of krill, small red free-swimming crustaceans. The forage is bringing in foragers, mostly 3-4 foot manta rays, swimming and jumping all around the boat. Very hard to photograph, but we do our best.


This monstrous Cardon cactus is the closest we have to a Christmas tree. I’m satisfied.

Take care of each other. Merry Christmas from Phil and Nancy.