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When Lena was younger, she raised a puppy to be an assistance dog. Abby was a very hard worker but was willful and bossy, and almost didn’t pass her final training. She did pass, though, and the agency found a high school athlete with a severe injury that needed help to attend college, so Abby found a home and a job.


When we got back from our Mermaid trip, Lena decided to get a dog and supply puppies to assistance dog groups. We checked breeding and bloodlines and temperament and blah, blah, blah, and bought SuzyQ.


We didn’t breed her on her first heat, just to let her grow up, then we missed her second (silent) heat, and her third heat didn’t work out, either. So we gave up on the breeding program, had her fixed, and she became the world’s most expensive pet. She was worth every penny. She eventually had three CCL knee surgeries (a TPLO that failed and two fishing-line knee repairs), and her back legs were essentially useless in her later years, but whatadog she was!

Thank you, SuzyQ! Sleep well. You’ve done your job.

We’ll miss you very much.

Good dog.