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Lena gave us this great travelling Mancala game before we left, but it didn’t have any pieces to play with.

So we grabbed some glass fish eyes from the Rockfish Glass stock, and off we went. The glass pieces were fine, if a little slippery, and we play mancala whenever we don’t play gin, while killing time before bed.

Then, wandering around Caleta San Juanico, we found eight trillion bits of obsidian laying on the ground. Literally. Eight trillion. Laying on the ground.

So we substituted the obsidian for the glass fish eyes, and the game works better now.


Oddly, the obsidian pieces are call Apache tears, even though Caleta San Juanico is a long, long way from southern New Mexico. So it’s mildly ironic to play an African board game with Mexico rocks appropriating a SW USA cultural reference. It’s how we roll.

In other developments, whoever goes first wins. Always. So we don’t play any more.