Hi everybody. I thought of a couple subjects to write about, but the clear winner is “Why do I like cruising so much?” Here is my list (not in any particular order):

What I like about living on BRIGHT WATER:

The active lifestyle, everyday is an adventure!

  • Fishing; this year has not been as good as previous years, but we still catch enough for food. I like the time we spend fishing out of the dinghy. It is a purposeful way to explore new places. We caught a Yellow-tail this year, our first one! My new favorite fish. I never get tired of fresh fish!

  • Walking the beaches; hunting for treasures, shells and rocks and other things that were lost overboard by someone else. We found a screw driver on the beach yesterday. I found a 5 peso coin on a rugged remote beach this year.

  • Hiking; the arroyos are my favorite to explore. They tend to be flatter and not as many cacti to avoid. The plants and animals are interesting to see up close. We saw our first snake. It was a racer, sorry no picture.

  • Snorkeling; I could do that everyday when the water is over 72 degrees. I saw my first HUGE live coral reef this year. I am never bored by the life in the Sea.

  • Kayaking; The wet butt kayaks are way more fun than I thought. I like to explore and use them to go to remote snorkeling locations. It is also good conditioning for my back.

Phil & I work together on everything. We depend on each other. (The negative is that our kids have the added responsibilities to take care of our stuff at home.)

I like the people we meet. We seem to meet very interesting people from backgrounds that we would never cross paths with back home. Maybe it is the common decision to live on a boat in a remote part of North America or the independent people who choose this lifestyle. Most people we meet and form a bond with have been or are self employed. They are use to being self sufficient and independent and making their own decisions.

I like the simple, but important routine of each day.

I like being warm and tan.

I like feeling physically fit and my back does not hurt.

    • Maybe it is the hiking on uneven ground that we do for a couple hours, 4 or 5 times a week. Maybe it is the time in the water, although now it is pretty cold, 67 degrees, so not much time in the water lately.

    • Maybe it is that I am not sitting at a computer or riding in a car for hours a day.

    • Maybe it is because while I am sleeping and the boat is moving I am using my core muscles to steady myself all night, so they do not get tightened up?

    • Who knows, but I like it.

BRIGHT WATER is a great comfortable home with amazing views

  • She is well equipped and comfortable underway and at anchor. I do not wish for any comfort from home. We have everything we need here.
  • It is so nice to be in the Saloon or Galley and watch what is going on outside. (Sea life, the geology and colors of the desert and sea.)

  • I like watching the stars. It reminds me of camping with my mom and looking for satellites crossing the sky.

  • I like the ease of the quick cleaning of the boat. When everything has a place, it is easy to finds things and easy to clean up.

  • Cooking, trying new combinations of favors and ingredients. Since we do not waste food, there are many new discoveries of combining leftovers with fresh things make for great discoveries. We have our Provisioning List. It makes shopping quick and easy.

  • BRIGHT WATER has lots of space for provisions. A cruising friend asked what I do when we run out of something? I told her I haven’t noticed that ever happening, (not counting fresh produce, but even that isn’t a problem, we just adapt). We seem to always have lots of choices for meals.



One of the subjects that Phil & I talk about is how can we incorporate these things that make boat life so great into our life on Camano? . . . . . . . IMPORT the Sun and Blue sky!

The number ONE thing we miss while living on BRIGHT WATER is our kids!

I feel very fortunate to have been able to live my dream of refitting a boat into a “Cruising Machine” and be able to enjoy her for the many miles we have traveled on the West Coast and in Mexico. Our initial dream was to take her to the South Pacific after one season exploring the Sea of Cortez, but it is so amazing here that we found no need to go any further.