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…and the pictures of the Journey.

We have somewhere around 5000 pictures of the Bright Water adventure, which means we took somewhere around 150,000 pictures. Typically we “curated” these ASAP (usually daily) and deleted most of the pictures.

Nevertheless, we have too many pictures to actually look at, and way too many to interest the casual visitor. If you come to our talk at the Anacortes Boat Show (April 6 to 9, 2017) we’ll be happy to show you some of them and talk about how cool we are.

We have no idea how we’ll browse these pictures going forward, although I pity our house guests.

Butt, we took a shot at putting some pics on the walls.

We selected about 100 of our favorite pictures to upload to the Costco Photos website.

We printed two at 20×30, three at 16×20, 32 at 8×12, and the remainder at both 4×6 and 5×7.  Many of the pictures were wider than standard, so we needed to copy/paste/edit the image into a 4×6 format, then cut off the extra white space after the prints were printed.

We mounted each print we used onto self-adhesive foam core, purchased from Hobby Lobby, but shopped at Jo_Ann Fabrics and Michael’s. This industry is …. wacky. Be sure to look for coupons and competitor’s coupons and any other coupon option available.

P1100528 (2)

We cut the foam core 1″ smaller (or more) than the print and used a decent quality hole punch to pop a hole into the foam core before we mounted the photo.


Then we peeled the adhesive and sticky-ed it on to the photo.


We poked ball-end map pins into the drywall to hang the pics. That way the only hole in the wall is literally a pin-hole.


We laid out the whole wall at once — blocking it out while moving stuff around. The integrity of the negative space is key. Iteration is more important than inspiration.


You need to balance color, content, artistic value, and context.


If your thumbs don’t hurt from moving pins you’re not doing it correctly. (By the way, ball pins from the craft stores were crap. Buy map pins from Office Depot.)

Having options, like different sizes of the same print, is important.


But we’re pretty satisfied with the results.


We’ll stare at it for a few days, fix what we hate, then add a little sticky stuff (probably butyl, ironically) from the craft stores to each picture once we’re happy with what we have.

To sum up, we took 150,000 pictures, saved 5000 pictures, printed 100 pictures, and displayed about 70.

We have some video, too. No telling what we’ll do with that.