About Us


We’re Phil and Nancy Rink.

We’re both mechanical engineers and we’ve been boating for roughly our entire lives, mostly in the Pacific Northwest United States and Western Canada. In 2001/2002, we spent a year in the Caribbean with our family. Now, we’re building and sailing a boat called Bright Water.

Once upon a time, we invented, developed and marketed FISHEYE underwater video cameras. They were kind of a big deal.

Now we’re creating the Jimi & Isaac series of books. They follow in the tradition of the Tom Swift series and the Mad Scientist’s Club. You should read one of them today.


11 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Hello, Really enjoying your blog as we just purchased a ’74 Cal 2-46 out of Kemah, Tx. It’s…actually our first boat, took it out the other day for our first time Sailing. Just starting to dig into repairs and I wanted to drop you a note of thanks because everything here is very useful to us. Been planning this for about 5 years now. Sold our home and everything. Working up to at least a 1 year cruise with our 4 kids before they get too old. Very excited to get started.

    Our blog is just starting but here it is: comingsoon.svgenesis.com . Its a redirect for the main page that is not ready. http://www.svgenesis.com

  2. Hi Phil and Nancy
    Nick here with Dulce Sueno. I met you briefly in Anacortes this fall. Sorry we got interrupted by work and didn’t get to chat more. I’m going to have to replace the steering cables on D/C . Any words of wisdom for me? Did you do this on Bright Water?
    Hope to run into you again sometime.
    Warm regards
    Nick Shaw

  3. Carol Easterbrook said:

    How is your Panasonic LUMIX Camera working for you? Still finding it a good point and Shoot?

    • Still using it every day, taking about 100 pics per day and editing down to two or three. I’d post more but the Mexican internet has been a nightmare this year.

      We’re on the DMC-ZS40 (our third LUMIX, I think), which we carry in a splash-proof SEVLOR box we got at the COLEMAN outlet store. The newest version of the LUMIX no longer fits in our Pelican case (too thick).

      The downside to the LUMIX is that the huge optical/mechanical zoom lens sucks in dust when it deploys. You can clean it, sort-of (see YouTube), but the pictures eventually get spotty. Still well worth it, in our opinion. I have our camera with us always and we’re totally satisfied with image quality. We leave it on “IntelligentAuto” almost all the time, except we turned off auto white balance, and for most outdoor images we use the Win10 photo editor to turn down the highlights (to see the sky detail) and pump in a little yellow/orange with the light/temp control. The stored image has way more dynamic range than the laptop screen.

      See the “Super-moon” images for proof that this camera is redonculous.

  4. Hi Phil and Nancy, who made the structure for the solar panels?

  5. alec aspinall said:

    dear Phil and Nancy, my family and i are about to purchase a cal 2-46, i looked at the fuel tanks and was dissapointed to see they are steel. i found your post after some searches and saw you have replaced yours your self. i intend to do the same could you go in a few specifics on how you did it. i imagine pulling the floor above them is step one and then the cross members that hold them down. am i on the right track.

    thanks for sharing this awesome post

    alec and family

    • Every boat is slightly different, but that’s about it. Spend a lot of time looking around as much as possible before you start cutting, so you don’t cut stuff you don’t want to cut. Make sure you repair, not just replace, the structure when you put it back together. There are several pictures on this site.

      Why don’t you just buy Bright Water? All the work is done.

  6. Nick Shaw said:

    Hi Phil
    Well I’ve done virtually everything possible to Dulce Sueno over the last 4 years including many of the same repairs and upgrades you did on Bright Water. I am left with my old 4.236 though and getting concerned about her. When you repowered what was you’re decision to go new rather than rebuilding based on? Where did you end up purchasing the new m92b and what did it cost you in the end? if you done mind me asking.
    Nick Shaw
    Dulce Sueno, 1974 Cal 2-46

    • Howdy Nick.
      I don’t think you can buy an m92b anymore because of environmental sabotage. But the Perkins rebuilds are supposed to be great. I think the place was tadiesels. http://www.tadiesels.com/
      Get your transmission rebuilt at Harbor Marine in Everett. They’ll have the heat exchangers too, I think.
      Good luck!

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