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Mexican for stainless steel is acero inoxidable, which is a misnomer. Stainless steel oxidizes less, but it still oxides, and it stains everything around it with it’s oxide leavings and seeps.

So we decided to find out how fancy yachts maintain their fancy.


Assemble materials and find something rusty. Bar Keepers Friend is oxalic acid in soft-scrub, more or less. FSR is oxalic acid in alcohol gel, more or less. You can also buy straight oxalic acid, which is worth a try, although a gel is easier to deal with than a liquid.


Start with the BKF, mostly because it’s cheaper.


You don’t need to scrub very hard, just get through the salt and fish guts and whatever other film has accumulated.


It’s pretty satisfying, because it’s foamy. If you spread it with a rag, it works mostly as well (if you get in the crevices), but it doesn’t foam. Leave it to work for a while – 15 to 20 minutes. The bottle says one minute. The bottle also says to wear gloves.


Rinse. This is actually the hard part. Rinsing won’t work. You’ll have to do it again. You’re probably done at this point.


If you really want to make it perfect, use the FSR and do the same process. You can leave this on for quite a while. Again, rinsing won’t work, but do it anyway. Maybe the film washes off later. Dunno.


Before and after and after. 80/20 rule results are pretty clear.